Constant Skill-building

We are a company driven by strong systems and procedure. However, growth in the company occurs to those who can strike a balance between ongoing operation and continuous improvement.

We encourage and facilitate our employees to continuously acquire new skills – technical as well as behavioral. Opportunity is provided to all employees to show initiative and apply their new skills to undertake improvement / breakthrough projects. We particularly applaud those employees who develop the ability to work in teams.

Our grooming of employees is aimed at enabling employees to transit from “can do” stage to “can get work done” stage to “ can teach others” stage of excellence and expertise.

All job responsibilities are centered around the needs of the customers. The needs may be present or future, stated or anticipated.

Since roles are well defined, standard of performance and accountability are very high. Every employee has a direct “Line of Sight” with the company's goals and target and therefore knows the impact of his/her job on the company.


Fairness and Transparency

Keeping true to its tradition of trust, GPPPL believes in transparent transactions. We believe in maintaining ethical relationship at all levels including those with the employees, customers and partners, society and the government. We believe that “If it is not good for the country, it is not good for the Company”.

Family Environment

GPPPL is like one big family. A very close-knit relationship exists between all our members. We celebrate festivals; we celebrate success and huddle together to learn from our mistakes. We use every occasion for bonding and success of the company.

We believe that the human being is the most under utilized resourced and a large amount of human potential lies untapped. By understanding humans and providing the appropriate environment it is possible to harness that latent power within the human being, which will make all the difference between success and failure in the time to come, the power of the human spirit


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