Production  Manufacturing Excellence

GPP has 3 manufacturing facilities in North India and is spread across 20000 sq. m of area.

All the facilities are TS16949, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified.

All facilities are self sustainable and are headed by professional people.

The Quality and Engine, Strategic Sourcing, Strategic Planning, Finance Marketing are centralised over all 3 units.

Some of the key manufacturing machines are as below:-

GPP specialization in Heat Treatment and critical machineries: - GPP has heat 
treatment comprises of gas carbonized facility, Quenching and induction hardening and tempering.

The heat treatment facility has been approved by OEMs globally. The GPP checks the 
micro structure, steel hardenability, Jominy test etc. all incoming material before approval and heat treatment.

The set up is based on the (production line concept) with cellular layout to emphasis on multi-skilling operators.

As part of our backward integration, GPP has set up a Fully Automated Shell Moulding line with a capacity of 3000 tons specialising in SG Iron, Ductile Iron and Chilled Casting.

The foundry has been set with the Japanese Standard with control from Pattern Design to Fettling.

The manufacturing facilities of the GPP Group are spread across three production plants in an area of over 20000 sq. m The group is equipped with state of the art machineries and equipment for Hot Forging, Projection Welding, Induction Hardening, Gas Carburising, Hardening & Tempering, Centreless Grinding, Super Finishing, Precision Machining, CNC controlled SPM, Spring End Grinding, Shot Peening, CNC Spring Coiling & Forming Machine.

Through these elaborate systems, GPP offers comprehensive solutions for Valve Train Components and Engineering Springs & Casting products.

At GPP, it is a continuous endeavour to adopt the most effective practices & policies and keep upgrading itself as per the changing customer needs. The practices being implemented are:

Lean manufacturing systems | Six sigma techniques | Total preventive maintenance 
|Self-certified production lines | IT leverage with use of ERP systems.

Quality Control Equipment: - GPP is presently working on 50 PPM level at the customer end and strongly believe in “Quality needs to be produced, not by inspection”.

GPP specializes on analysis using statistical tools for process control for critical parameters set forth by mutual discussion with the customer and GPP’s experience.

Some of the quality equipments are as below:-


Process/ EquipmentQuality Control/ Standard Room
- Hot Upsetting & Forging - Contour Graph
- Project Welding - Surface Roughness Tester
- Induction Hardening - Profile Projector 50x
- Carburizing Hardening Metallurgical Microscope
- Hardening & Tempering - Magnetic Crack Detector
- Super Finishing Hardness Testing Machine
- Phosphating - Vickers Hardness Tester
- VMC/CNC Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
- Shot Blasting Height Gauges
- Shot Peening - Millipore Tester
- Endurance Testing - Jominy Tester
- Fatigue Testing Tool Makers Microscope
- Jominy Tester - Magnetic Gauss Meter
- Millipore - Tensile Testing Machine
- Magna Flux Tangential load Testing Machines
- CMM  
- Spectrometer  
- Image Analyzer  
- Sieve Shaker  
- Hot Shell Tensile Teste  

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